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Finding the Right SEO Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your business website SEO can be challenging. You may think that you have the best strategy and keywords and then several months later still be wondering when the traffic is going to hit.

When trying to determine what keywords to target always begin by brainstorming...

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Coke and Chevy Hope to Capture Second Screens on Superbowl Sunday

Integrating online media with television is nothing new. I remember playing along with Who Wants to be a Millionaire online as I watched Regis quiz the contestants back in the day. However, the new interactive media campaigns from big brands like Coca-Cola and Chevy are taking the idea of capturing the second screen audience to a new level. 

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YouTube Releases Online Video Stats

Google announced this week that uploads to YouTube now total one hour of video every one second! That means that in the two minutes that it takes you to read this blog post, 120 hours (two days) worth of videos have been uploaded. Wow!  Let's take a closer look at the stats and try to wrap our minds around this mind boggling news.

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Be Seen - In Video

Video is one of the most popular online media formats out there today. More and more users prefer the idea of watching a short video in place of reading text when visiting websitesblogs, or completing online tutorials. You cannot overlook the importance of video when implementing a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. 

Once you have the video on your site, you want it to be seen by your audience. How can you help ensure that users find your videos? A Google video sitemap is the answer you are looking to find.

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Western Arkansas Tourism
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Arkansas State Hospice Association
Arkansas Social Studies

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