Coke and Chevy Hope to Capture Second Screens on Superbowl Sunday

Integrating online media with television is nothing new. I remember playing along with Who Wants to be a Millionaire online as I watched Regis quiz the contestants back in the day. However, the new interactive media campaigns from big brands like Coca-Cola and Chevy are taking the idea of capturing the second screen audience to a new level. 

Gone are the days of 30 second ads. Coca Cola and Chevy are just two examples of big brands that are looking to capture your attention for the entire span of the Super Bowl. How do they intend to accomplish this feat?

Coke is going to have the Coca Cola polar bears interacting and responding live with the Super Bowl action.  According to Coke, "They'll be watching the game and chatting with friends from kick off until the clock runs out." You must RSVP now to hang out and chat with the Polar Bears during the game. As of 10 A.M. CST today, 15,997 Facebook users have signed up to chat with the bears.  

Chevrolet is going another route to engage the Super Bowl audience this Sunday. They are going to be giving away 20 Chevrolet automobiles during the game. Chevy's website states that if you download the Chevy Game Time App and play along on Sunday, you will gain the chance to win one of 20 Chevys and thousands of other prizes from Papa John's, Sirius XM, Bridgestone, Motorola, and NFLShop.com. Chevy's app is going to interact with the audience with live trivia about the big game, up-to-date stats, and exclusive content.

Will the efforts from these big brands to target second screens translate into more interactive viewing experiences for 2012? We will have to wait and see! 

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