Finding the Right SEO Keywords

Get in the Mind of Your Customers 

Finding the right keywords for your business website SEO can be challenging. You may think that you have the best strategy and keywords and then several months later still be wondering when the traffic is going to hit.

When trying to determine what keywords to target always begin by brainstorming based on how your customers refer to your product or service. It may be very different than how insiders refer to products or services.

• Is there a specific slang for your industry
• Interview customers
• Take polls
• Talk to your customer service staff

Create Marketing Personas

Another great method for developing a strategy to get in the mind of the customer is to create customer personas. There may be one or several types of personas that you are targeting depending on your business.

Giving a name and a face to the people you are targeting can be a powerful search marketing tool. Check your keywords and phrases against your personas. Do they make sense for that persona? Keywords that don't fit one persona, may fit another. Or may reveal that you need to create another persona to target.

Observe and Adjust Accordingly

Monitor current web analytics to determine trends. What are the top keywords that are driving traffic to your site. How can you expand on that? Is what you are doing working, if not, adjust - rinse and repeat.

Remember that working on your business's SEO is an ever evolving process and nothing is 100%. The engines will always be changing and therefore you will always want to update and create new and fresh content to remain successful with your online marketing.

Need help getting started with SEO? Contact Eyesocket today and we will be happy to help.

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