Brand Identity

What could be more important than your brand?

In a high-speed world where web-based and mobile apps can go viral in an instant, there really is nothing more relevant in today’s advertising and marketing climate that can replace the impact your brand can have on prospective customers. Brands open up lines of communication, create awareness about your business, and help separate you from the pack.

The term, 'brand', is defined in a variety of ways, and can go by many names, such as: identity, image, and/or mark. But, really your brand is the projection of your company or organization in all areas of communication where you have an opportunity to strike up a conversation, including logos, websites, domain names, print advertising, product packaging, search engines, and social media to name just a few.

How can Eyesocket help me with my brand?

Brand identity, as a service, begins with the custom crafting of a new logo. This new logo, as an instrument, should resonate to existing and potential customers, your business’ purpose with regards to who you are, the product or service you are providing, and what type of reputation you want to establish and maintain. Make no mistake about it, your logo is the equivalent of a first impression, and Eyesocket intends to work with you to make it a lasting one.

Our brand identity service includes all the customized creative logo work you might expect, as well as master documentation, including: color palettes and their respective codes for print and web, distributable font files, scalable vector graphics, flattened web-based graphics, inverted, high-contrast black and white versions, as well as managed color versions (RGB and CMYK) for PC and Mac platforms, so that you’re prepared to incorporate your new logo into all media types imaginable, quick and easy.

Furthermore, Eyesocket offers brand reputation management for the web, an agile service that allows your business to be prepared for negative assertions that may be made about your business, its products or its services, on discussion boards, blogs, and reviews by dissatisfied customers, or those nasty, competitive evangelists. This allows you to have the last say online, by giving you the opportunity to engage directly with these customers, and deflect negative situations or feedback that would, otherwise, be detrimental to an established brand.

Going far and beyond the logo.

Eyesocket’s mentality of, ‘Making Things Click!’, takes you beyond the logo, because, let’s face it, your brand is permeated by every decision of communications you make; from the look and feel of your website and the quality of its message, to the voice and tone of the content you provide in your email communications, or the quality of your online advertising campaign, just to name a few. And, when it comes to the web - potential customers are just a click away.

As a turn-key solutions provider in digital and interactive media, Eyesocket leverages its 10+ years of experience in the website design and development arena, in order to engineer the very best in user experiences that help to reinvent your branded image in the digital marketplace.

Be sure and check out our website design, website development, and online marketing services to see how we can make things click for you!

If you’d like to get started or would like to know more, feel free to contact us today.

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