Covid 19 has been identified by the suspected criminal boss at Laos casino

Covid 19 has been identified by the suspected criminal boss at Laos casino

Lao authorities announced a major outbreak in Covid-19 near the infamous casino of the Kings Romans, where Chinese proprietors are suspected of trading in humans, wilderness and narcotics by the United States. According to the Vientiane Times of the state-run English-language newspaper online casino Malaysia, a cluster of cases in Tonpheung had been attributed to persons who reached the region illegally, following the lockout law.

The paper also stated that a regional task force suspected local of taking foreigners from neighbouring Myanmar and Thailand into Laos illegally.

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The reports made 

In the last few weeks, cases of coronavirus have spiked in landlocked Laos and the rest of Southeast Asia. In the annual religious New Year celebrations held throughout Southeast Asia in mid-April, an influx of cases emerging in Laos’s capital, Vientiane.

Sunday was the first official death of Covid-19 from Laos. Cases in that region trusted casino online malaysia, including 730 in Vientiane and 284 in the Province of Bokeo which houses the Tonfeung District and the Kings Romans casino, have been established by the authorities to date at least 1.327. 1,088 cases are active around the country.

The transportation 

As part of the attempts to avoid Covid-19 from expanding, the borders of Laos have been formally closed since last year. Sources told CNN, however, that couriers managed to ferry people into the country illegally. An ex tour operator said that although crossings are officially suspended, a limited number of visitors and Thai casino workers from Thailand were secretly transported to Laos across the Mekong River.

The officer who asked for anonymity to talk about sensitive and unlawful activities said that casino staff based in Thailand have stopped working and “do not return until the condition of Covid is improving.”

CNN was told by another source The bars and nightclubs next to the casino emerged in January and played music loud enough to be heard in the province of Chiang Rai across the river in Thailand. Both countries at the time had significant outbreaks of Covid-19. According to the United States Embassy in Laos, entertainment venues in Laos were forced to close on 12 April.

Tonphes and the Kings of Rome are both situated in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (GTSEZ), an area of 39 square miles administered by Chinese national Zhaea Wei, which is 100 square kilometres (100 square miles). The US Treasury charges Zhao of using the region for running an interest-laden crime empire.

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Zone borders

Illicit trade in animals and cocaine trafficking in underage prostitution. The region is bordering on part of Myanmar, considered one of the world’s leading illegal drug markets, with billions of dollars of methamphetamine being pumped annually.


Zhao denied these claims and insists he is a genuine businessman who wants to make the GTSEZ one of the world’s worst tourism destinations. In public relations content published by the zone on the Chinese social media website, WeChat, Zhao frequently appears with Laotian government officials.

GTSEZ WeChat has been showing its efforts in the fight against the pandemic after cases have spiked in Laos and last week a post on $2,5 million in donations by the area to the Laotian government in the fight against Covid-19.

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